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jun 01 2004


nov 10 2003

Jeezuz, I hope- hope- no one bothered to visit the page this weekend before I had a chance to edit my previous journal entry- writing is torture, but reading back stuff you wrote while drinking bud #5 is...well, let's just say I ended up deleting a few more needless paragraphs. One thing, though, relative to the stuff I was saying about cassettes in the last letter...The thing I don't like about digital editing-especially in the sense of lining up 2 drum tracks that are at slightly different speeds- is that, I believe, it degrades the sense of character that a person achieves when playing his instrument in real-time, hitting notes with his own, uncanny sense of timing...anyway, once you start to mess around with this, to re-situate notes, beats, etc...I feel you begin to dissolve the all-important character behind the, 1) I plan to approach digital editing with a mind to preserve character whenever possible ( but, hey, let's face it, sometimes shit's just gonna get mangled for the fun of it ;) ) and 2) Recording your parts digitally, to a digital source track will prevent your parts from being altered...I'm just talking about something that interests me here, but a recording scenario might look like this...1. I post an mp3 of a song's rhythm track on the monkeyhouse webpage. 2. You download the mp3 to your computer and open the file in a digital music workstation (music recording software program) on your computer. 3. You record- into your computer-a track or tracks to augment the rhythm track. 4. You post online, e-mail, or send an mp3 or .WAV file of your newly recorded part (s) 5. I download your parts to the song's session file and mix it with the original rhythm track...This is just one scenario, there are many possibilities...

nov 07 2003

Monks: Learned this today: I was uploading into a computer 2 drum tracks off the same song from tracks 3 & 4 on a cassette'd think the tracks would sync up, right? Wrong. Why? Well, here's what I determined: when I loaded the 1st track in, the tape was at a certain temperature and elasticity. By the time I had uploaded the the first track and cued up the second, the temperature inside the tape deck had no doubt increased a degree or two from its work. So, the elasticity of the tape increased- expanded with the heat , and the result was that when both tracks were in the computer- they would only line up perfectly for a matter of seconds before one would speed uprelative to the other and start causing a slap-back delay. Fortunately, the computer has a fix or two for this, but it highlights a problem of working off cassettes. I've been thinking more about the idea of posting origin song tracks in mp3 format on the monkeyhouse webpage and inviting visitors to interested to know what you think... Hey, it's easy to add something here, just click on the "feedback" link to contribute to the monkeyhouse bulletin board.

oct 28 2003

"...and you wanna be my bookmaker." That's right, I've already sniffed out a glitch in the books...check out the books log for details.

oct 27 2003

Updated 'the books' with information on distribution and receipts from the monkey pox mix series.

oct 26 2003

Never get the impression that this page will be updated 3 days in a row as it is now- it's an anomaly. Also, I want to encourage you to submit anything you've got on the band- opinions, reviews, ideas, etc...I plan to be in touch with you soon about ideas for the next monkeyhouasen projecten (the project to follow pox.) Also, up till about 10 minutes ago, this page was a blank white sheet- very deathly looking, so i added some token graphics, just to keep your eyes from hurting. don't mention it.

oct 25 2003

So check it out- a month later and I've finally FTP'd this page to the server so you can see it- see what I was saying about being on schedule?

oct 24 2003

tonight: listened to raw material for pox 3...have a pretty good idea on how this will come together, but will take more work than the others.(i.e. don't hold your breath for that November release date.)Also, thought of an idea: what if we were to post song skeletons(mp3's of the basic rhythm tracks of a song)on our webpage for people to download and, if they wanted, they could send in or e-mail us a contributing track...imagine the completed song with a guitar solo from California, a bongo track from Brazil, and a piano line from France? Might be kind of interesting.

sep 23 2003


sep 04 2003

Monks: If you check out "the books" link, you're gonna see something a little different. In the past, where finances have been concerned, I've always gone on good faith in people and expected good faith in return, not investing too much time in record-keeping and such. For the most part that has worked fine, but there have been times where either I felt my practices were in question, or where I felt myself questioning the practices of someone else. Here, in the spirit of good relations, I want to try something new. I want to share with you an explicit breakdown of project-related expenses and receipts. Please don't look at this and feel you somehow need to contribute more to the project.(By the way, we now accept credit cards.) But seriously, that is not the intention at all, it's only to inform you. I'll post data in a way that seems logical to me, and then rely on your feedback and trial and error to develop better methods for sharing info. My hope is that by keeping the books open and easy to access, you'll feel comfortable with how things work.
Truth is, we just don't sell that many records- never have. Coach and 6 is a project record label that works with project bands. If it was about money, I wouldn't be doing it. But, I love the music, i think it's worth the effort to try and share it with friends and whoever else might be interested, and in fairness to all involved, i'll do my best to keep everyone informed on what's happening with it. Please get in touch with me if ever you want to talk about stuff. Thanks.

sep 03 2003

Monks: Alright, originally I was gonna ramble a bit here, in fact, i just deleted 10 needless paragraphs (yeah, don't mention it.) So, anyway, this page will be the source for up-to-date information on the monkeyhouse project: records,shows,finances,everything. I'll try to keep it up-to-date, but let's face it, when have I ever delivered anything on time?

sep 02 2003

monks only webpage posted.
Hey monks! This is where you'll find the most up-to-date news on the band (short of calling me.) What I hope to do here is provide information about the project. Also, if anyone has news about the band that they would like to share, e-mail it to me and I'll be sure to post it.

aug 05 2003