January 2005   
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  That was a fun night. We grabbed a camera, tossed some cheap lights and extension cords into a box, and sped off to Grand Forks with the idea of making a video. Along the way we chatted up everything except the video, stopped at Culver's for dinner, and then made our way to the arts & humanities department at UND, where we met Donald Renner and some friends from his sculpture III class who were hosting an installation that night entitled COEXIST, designed to heighten awareness of the movement towards peace and solidarity between Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
We arrived as they were setting up, and it was really something to behold: a maze of shoes, strewn newspapers, and plastic figurines, all shrouded in canopy and drenched in melodic feedback, winding to a makeshift shrine at its pulsing core. The rambling layout took us by surprise and we decided to scrap our original plan and improvise the shoot, which turned out to be chaotic fun or, "Follow the guy with the camera!" ...hand-held lights bobbing around in the dark, a Leviathan of cords in our wake; total X-Files. And we hopelessly disturbed the scene (a shoe flies across the screen in one shot) and intermittently passed out flyers to bemused guests. Afterward, we partied at Lola's downtown and Donnie indulged us with some skateboarding, including a fantastic, planned wipeout that we decided to film for the video's intro, though poor lighting would later prove the stunt unusable. I guess you could say lighting was something we learned a lot about that night, or actually Nathan did while weeding through the murky footage in the days that followed. In the end, we had our first video. And it shows. But here is a glimpse of that night in Schizoidal Grove's, "Sidewalks Again."
Schizoidal Grove
Watch: Sidewalks Again
  It took us by surprise, too: Overwhelming response to last month's announced collaboration between Austin rapper Checkmate, and Source Award winning producer, Fantom Of The Beats, had us scrambling to keep up over the holidays, shipping hundreds of advance copies of the album to promotional outlets across the country. Now, in another surprise move, we will actually release the record on time: beginning Tuesday, January 18th, "Empire Builder" will be available through the Coach and 6 catalog as a limited release with issue #4 of Dying In Style! including a full length interview with the Texas phenom. Also to announce: the launch of Above All Radio. If your only exposure to Austin has come through the lens of Richard Linklater or a trip to SXSW, take a listen to the raw, grimy sounds originating from this scene by tuning in here from 3pm - midnight.

Listen: Come And Find Us mp3  470 KB
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