18 Nov 03

Dig Modern's glorious moustache!

 And check out the mp3:
 second song in the world.
15 Nov 03

the most powerful
man in minneapolis
In December: a talk with a man who makes Don Rickles look like a pussy cat. Eric Odness speaks in the next issue of dying in Style!
05 Nov 03

Mod in a MPLS art studio: sings the broken-down soul.
Randy's song
03 Nov 03

Also vying for the traditional values vote,
from their upcoming record: Schizoidal Grove.
iconoclast rock
28 Oct 03

Modern Man delivers-
in time for the holidays!
nothing good about family
26 Oct 03

The dawn of Modern Man.
first song in the world
20 Oct 03

New tracks emerge for Bipolar Butterfly, an upcoming record from Schizoidal Grove.
through the skin
14 Oct 03

New layout. Sister sites slated for
In Case Place & Fargo Black Space.
Radio re-phase...soon: CV6 <sonic cell>.

23 sep 03
Record release: Monkey Pox Mixes: Disc 2.
3" follow-up disc contains 5 new tracks from Monkeyhouse.

coach and 6