13 apr 04
S.O.S. productions
Yesterday's Ashes,
Today's Foundation
their latest
compilation of
north dakota punk
with tracks from
johnny quota,
refined, system's
victims, butcher than barbie, fleshate,
the vertigo, omnipotent belligerence,
standing idly by, cthulhu dawn, and many
others including the
pink slips, who check in
mascara girl (mp3).
For more info or an S.O.S. catalog, e-mail
Elija Kirby: sugarxspikes@yahoo.com.
29 mar 04
"Andy"  (Light & Dark)  Copyright Modern Man  MMII            See "Hoover Boys,"  a new light/dark work, exhibited this saturday in fargo.
Modern Man exhibits new work
Saturday ~ starting at 7PM ~ stoker's
(basement of the hotel donaldson, fargo)
17 mar 04

UTIOA, an international artists collective,
names Schizoidal Grove in its quarterly
new music highlights.
schizoidal pic
photo by era eriksson
Take a glance at
the 'Grove:

nerve (mp3)

from their LP
Bipolar Butterfly;
yours through the
coach and 6
... worth 2
thousand words.
10 mar 04
8-bit punk?

Ballin' on a budget,
droppin' the
digital nug's
straight off
his playstation...
Nathan James.

black plastic
14 feb 04
Pink Slips
...serve you
their hearts
on a 7" platter.
All cuts
and rare.

(200 / pink vinyl)

Get a piece
27 jan 04
Jump off with E11
Splices from a weekend bivouac /
recording expedition.
01 jan 04
Get to know The Pink Slips. 
Then pick up their new record-
4 songs on 7 inches of pink shellac-
here on Valentine's Day.
mp3: wescott song
15 Dec 03
What the... !?
The Weathermen
They helped define the underground of
electronic music in the 80's with club hits
PoisonBang!, and  Around The World.
Now, a decade after their mysterious
disappearance, The Weathermen surface
with a new record and a rare interview.
The Coach and 6 dual-release is due
December 23.
mp3: house of blues
6 Dec 03
Modern Man...with an end-of-
the-year wish to manifest and
communicate both himself and
the eternal decrees of his will
concerning the odyssey of
mp3: the rise and fall of us all
25 Nov 03

LP release: Bipolar Butterfly,
13 new tracks from Schizoidal Grove.
out now on CD.

coach and 6




coach and 6
118 broadway
fargo, nd 58102

coach and 6
goldworth bldg
suite 16
duluth, mn 55805